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Grace Crashing Into Trump World #the naked truth
Grace Delving Into Art
I Can Still Dance
Censored Series
Interventions 2000-ongoing
Manipulation- Film 1999-2001
Stop Stealing My Face- Diary of Mother in Hospice
Keyhole Series 1994-1997
Boy With A Gun - 1987-1993
Nowhere To Go - Holocaust Series 1990-1993
Silhouette Series 1988-1993
Pastel Cutout Drawings
Early Nudes '70's-'80's
Public Art
Film Strip Portrait Paintings
New Mexico Band Paintings
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Ocean and Desert Paintings 1974-1975
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Grace Delving Into Art
I travel the world to explore historical works of art - and my presence often changes the "meaning" of these historical masterpieces.

Grace and Wangechi Mutu' MANRAY

Full butted Grace (Paul McCarthy)

Silver and Gold (Charles Ray)

Riding Koon's Balloon Dog

Grace Delving Into Art: I Love Donatello's Bust of

Grace Examining Paul Dreaming

Grace Delving Into Art: Too Late- Kienholz Non War

Whispering to Buster Keaton's Horse

Reaching The Glass Ceiling!

Measuring Grace - Gary Simmons

Strong Woman on Calder's Elephant

Wasted on Oldenburg's Cigarette

Grace In Armor

Grace And Clover Leaf Gown (James) Side View

Watching From A Safe Distance

Electioneering - GOP Style

Walking A Tightrope -Senga Negudi

Grace In A Staring Contest With Zhang Huan's Pig

The 1Percent - Cattelan's 18k gold AMERICA

Meeting Confucius

Sal's Car and Grace

Resting Between Towers

Leave Me Alone -Franz West

Springtime Flowers - Calder

Dancing With A Faun - Pan

Playing Ball With Calder's Ballplayer

Calder's Hostess Checking Out A Guest

Dropped Picasso's Flowers In A Vase

Lending A Hand to Calder"s Romulus and Remus

Grace On Top Of The World

Just Chilling Officer (Calder)

Diving Into Calder's Goldfish Bowl

Frank Crowinshield's Vision (Calder)

Shall We Dance Josephine Baker?

Getting Acquainted with Calder's Mouette (Seagull)

OOPS!! Hanging with Calder's Trapeeze Artists

Grace Sliding Down The Nose of Calder's Elepha

Making Friends With Calder's Cow



Grace Cradling A Brancusi

Bunny and Grace Get Snookered (Lucas)

Sent By Hera To Struggle With Herules And The Lern

Free Fall From Turrell's Meeting

Attempting Comfort -Kiki Smith

Grace in Disguise Sneaking by Fidei Defensor

Grace Overrun by Weiwei's Crabs

Grace Joins Abakanowicz' Alterations


Grace Joining Xu Zhen's Eternity/Top Of The Line

Grace Tagging

Grace Looking for her Sneaker

Playing Catch

A Henry Moore Kinda Gal

Pushing Against The Ceiling

Breach - Charles Ray

It's Complicated: Caught in the Gaze of McCarthy's

Grace Lifted by Adler and Sullivan Elevator Bank

Grace Meets Frog Man

Lit Up By Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Grace Joins Daumier's Celebrities of the Juste

Checkmate (Carl Andre)

Sitting On Top of Phylllida Barlow's Dock

Robert Morris Felt and Grace

Jupiter, Sphinx And Grace Hang Out

Shock Of The New

Grace's Bidet

I Don't Stand A Chance: Ganymede Waters Zeus As An

The Patriarch Cradling Grace

Grace As Apparition - C.A.

Grace Meets Giacometti's Grande Femme

Blonde Grace and Coco

Uh Oh...Crash!!!

Throne On High

Athena and Grace

Grace and Shonibare's Ocelots

In Roy's House

Looking Over My Shoulder (Wei Wei)

Grace Stuck in Infinity Mirror Room (Kusama)

"Getting To Know You (Donovan)"

"Stuck in a Polka-Dot Bubble (Kusama), 2013

Drama Queen with Roman Theater Mask

Grace In Clover Leaf Gown (James)

Grace and Little Dancer (Degas)

Seedbed Voyeur (Acconci)

Reaching For A Whiteread Paperback (Inside/Out)

Grace and Pams (Marc Quinn)

Wrong Bed! (Tracey Emin)

Sitting On Top of the World

Emerging (Sarcophagus)

Grace And The Boxer

Wake Up (Dying Slave)

Once Over Appraisal

Exploring Ruby

Got Ketchup (Leonhard Kern/Female Cannibal)

"The Milkmaid"

Blessed Scream (Katharina Fritsch)

Grace and Worktimer/Kippenberger


Taking A Break On a Cucumber (Lucas Version 2)

Relaxing on Sarah Lucas - Florian and Kevin

Curious Again

Grace In A Race

Sat in Wrong Seat (Fischer's Candle Office Chair)

A Return - Parthenon Sculptures

Joseph's Sled To The Rescue


Emperor Gallus Acrobatics


Grace Cavorting on Smith's Gracehoper

Mike Kelley's Dogs Tickling Me

Stalled on Puryear's Ladder for Booker T.


Pieta and Dr. Grace

Judd's Bed


Isa Genzken Cubbyhole


Women In Cloisters

Two Thinkers

No Hands- Joy Ride

Caught and Cuffed

Helping Hand

Hercules Fighting the Centaur Nessus and Grace

A Swift Kick...Martin In the Corner


"Hanging On"

Dancing Satyr/Headache

Circling Grace/Richard Long


Grace in Candyspace

Nauman's Five Marching Men And Grace

Grace holds down Fischer's A Bread Roll Meets A Fo

Illusion/Kapoor and Grace

Jeff Koons 3 Ball 50-50 Tank and Grace

"Rooftop Sunbathers"

Reaching Out

Hello Charlies - Can I Play Too?

Stuck with Patagonian Sheep

Woman with Rudder/Paddle and Grace

Detail:Twins Suckling She-Wolf

Grace Honoring Rodin's Helmet Maker's Once Beautif

Joining The Punk Party at Met

Rodin's The Three Shades And Me"

Stop Pushing Me Down! Cattelan's Upside Down Cops

Grace in the Middle of Satyr and Bacchante

Catellan's Praying Hitler Meets Grace


Grace in Venice as a Gondolier

Damien Hirst Lounging Chair

Grace and Louvre's Hermaphroditus

Team Acrobats

Vu Den? (What Else?)

Grace Pulled Along by Lamentation

Caught in A Downpour

Venus Aided by Grace reads Paula Modersohn-Becker

Grace Watching Over Sleeping Eros

What's Inside this Greek Vase at Met?

James Nares' video Street and Grace

Pan and She-Goat

Petting Bernini's Lion on the Four Rivers

Two Wrestlers and a Referee

Victory/Nike and Grace

Shock and Awe - Drunken Satyr

Aphrodite and Grace Conjoined

The Four Graces

River Tiber and Grace

Hercules The Archer and Grace

Sappho and Me

Curious About Maillol

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss and Grace

Squeezed Laocoon

Grace And Rape of Sabine Women

Marina and Grace

Perseus and Medusa/Grace

Crouching Grace/Bambu

Grace and her Knight in Shining Armor

Tomb of Philip The Bold and Grace

Chamberlain Sculpture

Tangled Up At The Met

Wind Machine

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