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Grace Delving Into Art
I Can Still Dance
Censored Series
Interventions 2006/2011
Manipulation- Film 1999-2001
Stop Stealing My Face- Diary of Mother in Hospice
Keyhole Series 1994-1997
Boy With A Gun - 1987-1993
Silhouette Series 1988-1993
Pastel Cutout Drawings1984-1992
Early Nudes '70's-'80's
Public Art
New Mexico Band Paintings
Grace Delving Into Art
I travel the world to explore historical works of art - and my presence often changes the "meaning" of these historical masterpieces.

Grace Detail/Infinity Mirror Room (Kusama)

Looking Over My Shoulder (Wei Wei)

Wind Machine


Tangled Up At The Met

Chamberlain Sculpture

Tomb of Philip The Bold and Grace

Grace and her Knight in Shining Armor

Crouching Grace/Bambu

Perseus and Medusa/Grace

Marina and Grace

Grace Rape of Sabine Women

Squeezed Laocoon

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss and Grace

Curious About Maillol

Sappho and Me

Hercules The Archer and Grace

River Tiber and Grace

The Four Graces

Aphrodite and Grace Conjoined

Shock and Awe - Drunken Satyr

Victory: Nike of Samothrace and Grace

Two Wrestlers and a Referee

Petting Bernini's Lion on the Four Rivers

Pan and She-Goat

James Nares' video Street and Grace

What's Inside this Greek Vase at Met?

Grace Watching Over Sleeping Eros

Venus Aided by Grace reads Paula Modersohn-Becker

Caught in A Downpour

Grace Pulled Along by Lamentation

Vu Den? (What Else?)

Team Acrobats

Grace and Louvre's Hermaphroditus

Damien Hirst Lounging Chair

Grace in Venice as a Gondolier


Catellan's Praying Hitler Meets Grace

Grace in the Middle of Satyr and Bacchante

Stop Pushing Me Down! Cattelan's Upside Down Cops

Rodin's The Three Shades And Me"

Joining The Punk Party at Met

Grace Honoring Rodin's Helmet Maker's Once Beautif

Detail:Twins Suckling She-Wolf

Woman with Rudder/Paddle and Grace

Stuck with Patagonian Sheep

Hello Charlies - Can I Play Too?

Reaching Out

"Rooftop Sunbathers"

Jeff Koons 3 Ball 50-50 Tank and Grace

Illusion/Kapoor and Grace

Grace holds down Fischer's A Bread Roll Meets A Fo

Nauman's Five Marching Men And Grace

Grace in Candyspace


Circling Grace/Richard Long

Dancing Satyr/Headache

"Hanging On"


A Swift Kick...Martin In the Corner

Hercules Fighting the Centaur Nessus and Grace

Helping Hand

Caught and Cuffed

No Hands- Joy Ride

Two Thinkers

Women In Cloisters


Isa Genzken Cubbyhole


Judd's Bed

Pieta and Dr. Grace

Stalled on Puryear's Ladder for Booker T.

Grace Laughing with Kelley's Dogs

Grace Cavorting on Smith's Gracehoper


Emperor Gallus Acrobatics


Joseph's Sled To The Rescue

A Return - Parthenon Sculptures

Sat in Wrong Seat (Fischer's Candle Office Chair)

Curious Again

Relaxing on Sarah Lucas - Florian and Kevin

Taking A Break On a Cucumber (Lucas Version 2)

Got Ketchup (Leonhard Kern/Female Cannibal)


Grace and Worktimer/Kippenberger

"The Milkmaid"

Exploring Ruby

Blessed Scream (Katharina Fritsch)

Once Over Appraisal

Grace And The Boxer

Sitting On Top of the World

Wrong Bed! (Tracey Emin)

Wake Up (Dying Slave)

Emerging (Sarcophagus)

Grace and Pams (Marc Quinn)

Reaching For A Whiteread Paperback (Inside/Out)

Seedbed Voyeur (Acconci)

Grace and Little Dancer (Degas)

Grace In Clover Leaf Gown (James)

Drama Queen (Roman Theater Mask)

"Stuck in a Polka-Dot Bubble (Kusama), 2013

"Getting To Know You (Donovan)"

Grace In A Race

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