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Interplay of time and space – Lights and color
My explorations are floating, boundaries, the center, space, shape of swirl as Scrollworks series, color and light.

My images, I drawing my inspiration from all experiences —happiness, sadness, anger, pain, beauty and ugliness are all influences on my work and mature my mind, to be expressed perhaps ten years later. And I draw line extended in all directions and find out something that spreads like a feeler. Or they are losing something with a way piece. It may be lose and found simultaneously or alternation.
Usually I feel sounds with my eyes. The sounds create a picture in my mind. These sounds can be bombing sounds from the news, or screaming mad sounds that stick into my heart. The images are coming from outside like this. Or in another case, the images are coming from ideas inside. When I painting, I move the brush as I release all the sensitivity inside. I feel images from the sub-conscious. I always sharpen my nerves in daily life, especially when I painting; I concentrate in order to paint pure sensation, images. The compositions in my mind come ceaselessly without a rest.

Zest, I reference the persistent feelings of hope, which are synergized with reality in the radiant drawings. The creative process behind this latest addition to my growing body of work: It is the realization of experiences that provides the original and individual expression.

In my installations, I am creating rice paper rolls in clusters that take on an amorphous shape on the wall with a color idea. The works are evidence of my expansion of line, space and most importantly, color palette. The shapes are simplicity, organic shapes, completely formed in the air, as interplay of time and space with lights and color.
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