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The sky of the adventure
4:49PM 04.25.09 | Stefano : It looks pretty good!

Sunny spot
3:41AM 10.26.06 | Trancoso Bahia Brasilien : Trancoso-Bahia-Brasilien/ Aktuell sind multikulturelle Partys im Park am Meer und Musik vom Feinsten. Pousada' Maravilha do Mar and Restaurant O Sabor do Mundo www.bahia-trancoso.com Blacklightausstellung mit Objekten von Alpswissart/Barbara Streiff www.alpswissart.ch Blacklightexhibition

Sunny spot
4:03AM 10.01.06 | Barbara Streiff : Communicative Art Project International A project of alpswissart Conditions for Interested Artists all over the World For artists from different areas and cultures all over the world, this is the beginning of a new direction in communicative art: working as a group – organizin
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