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Cambre’s time-based Glass Cinema House deals with film, popular culture, human behavior, memory, and its relationship to architecture. The transparent, rectangular glass container with its severe black pedestal resembles a Minimalist form. It becomes the arena for (a silent fragment from) the artist’s video Paseante (Passerby) to unfold—a solitary female figure wandering aimlessly inside the buildings on the University of Puerto Rico campus (designed by Heinrich Klumb in the 1960s). The juxtaposition of the fixed cube and the interior bluish glow of the looped projection calls to mind T.S. Eliot’s verse from his Burnt Norton:

“Time present and time past /

Are both perhaps present in time future.”

-Elaine King, Sculpture Magazine

"Employing a mixture of music, sound disruptions and pregnant silences, Cambre presents in his video Puerta del Sol an almost Goyaesque view of Madrid in the twenty-first century that is by turns detached, curious and ironic."

-Nicollette Ramirez, Infinite Island catalogue, Brooklyn Museum

"The video... explores the tension between documented and fictitious history. Cambre presents the marginal world that exists in central Madrid, steps away from Puerta del Sol. Prostitutes, beggars, gypsies-characters generally assumed to be undesirable for representing society-pose for the camera or are captured in flagrante delicto, as if the artist were a paparazzo and they, his prisoner celebrities... nothing seems to stop the hardship..."

-Elvis Fuentes, Art Nexus


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