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Yuki Nakamura     Bio   Statement                Messenger
Since moving from Shikoku Island, Japan to Seattle in 1995, I have been creating sculptural installations – with ceramic as my primary medium – that emphasize the relationship between concept, form and space. I create my work by pushing the envelope of ceramic medium and turning limitations upside down into new possibilities, as media for my own voice. My work challenges the aesthetic restraint of my traditional cultural roots through active experimentation with new media and contemporary issues: cross-cultural, multi-faceted contemporary sculptural forms that reflect and challenge our specific time, place, culture, and social environment. My work reflects how time and space change in synch with our constantly evolving environment. I consider both the macro and micro worlds and how they shift within the internal, human and subjective perspective, how they become increasingly confused, chaotic and full of turmoil. My work questions the tenuous connection between the two worlds; the internal subjective self and the external world of cultural façade.
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