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Two Heads
11:19PM 08.01.12 | Ebrahim : Is very good, jane

Utmost Denial-triptych
8:53AM 10.29.09 | baschamon : Jane, I cannot find your e-mail address. There is going to be a memorial exhibition of Wally Barnette's work at Gallery 31 North on Sun. Nov. 8th. I wanted to forward the message to you and cannot do so. bascha

The Day Is Long
4:20PM 09.11.07 | caroolrads : These new paintings are amazing! The complexity, the colors, the intermeshing of images - wonderful, evocative, ensnaring work.

Could It Be The Lamb?
12:54AM 08.17.07 | Pendergast : Love your paintings!

night light
2:33PM 11.27.06 | caroolrads : Looks great! I especially like Pins and Needles; What Comes Around; and Night Light!
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