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8:21PM 12.21.07 | DougParry : These are awesome! I've been a big fan of your work ever since you started on this site. Check out my work? http://DougParry.NeoImages.net Congratulations! Doug

5:04PM 12.11.07 | Ennid : Like this one too. Great spatial dynamics!

The Beautifull Toilet
5:03PM 12.11.07 | Ennid : This is interesting and mysterious.

12:23AM 12.07.07 | Pendergast : This is in fantastic!

2:18PM 12.04.07 | Maria Linardatou : The composition of your work amazing

4:40PM 05.15.07 | scarofamoon@aol.com : I love your work however not sure I can afford it so I'd like to know what it runs and when where you will have a show if you will as well. Best- Elle

4:41AM 08.05.06 | matthew bliss : Thanks for your words and for leading me to your work, skyzofire. peace, Matt
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