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”Hence, illusion and reality, fictions and perception are central notions in Larsens`s art. He questions what it is that we really see, and what we think we see – he makes us insecure about what is so common that we would normally scarcely notice it. By doing this he opens up new perspectives – through a curious and playful attitude, Larsen uses art to examine his surroundings and to comment on the tradition in which his art is placed.
He defines the artistic process partly as a sorting out of impulses and impressions from everyday life, and partly as a unlimited reach of them based both on the unlimited reach of fantasy and an ironic attitude that creates enough distance to allow the artist to view his own role and work with a critical eye.” From The essence of things.

"This exhibition at Rogaland Art Museum includes a number of artists who try to do just this - the stated Utopian intention of extending reality may serve as a motto for this art. A couple of the artists place today's Utopia in art itself. Yngvar Larsen's gilded pea recalls Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale about the princess on the pea, in which the pea indeed ends up in a museum, thus becoming the world's first exhibited ready-made. Larsen encapsulates it in precious material, giving us art as a sealed-off, Utopian sphere." From Art Of Human Scale, by Trond Borgen, Stavanger, Norway
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